Lib Dems reENERGISE Eastleigh


Leigh Ballroom gets new name

ENERGY that’s the new name of the exciting new scheme to transform a town centre location into a youth facility.”

So trills the latest council handout on the former Leigh Ballroom – currently still looking exactly as it did 7 months ago when the Council evicted the Ballroom Dancers and padlocked the doors…this is probably due to the discovery of deadly toxic asbestos in the building which had be removed first.

There is no doubt that there has been a need for Youth facility since the council OK’d the demolition of the purpose built one on Nightingale Avenue to make way for…flats.’

The new youth facility in Leigh Road, Eastleigh is to be called ENERGY as a result of a competition organised by the council.

A variety of names were put forward by young people and a shortlist of eight names drawn up. Around 600 young people voted with around 30% of them voting for ENERGY. The name ENERGY was put forward by Nicole Ryves aged 16 from Eastleigh whose idea is an acronym for “Everyone Needs Empowerment Recreation & Guidance 4 Young people.

The lucky winner won a generous £25 from the £700,000 refurbishment budget.

The state of the art youth facility will include a dance floor, a kitchen and a pool table – just like the old youth club in fact.

The major refurbishment of the building will start in July with the proposed opening being planned for October 2010.

By an incredible coincidence, Eastleigh’s Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne, is also the Secretary of State for ENERGY (Electricity from Nuclear Energy a Really Great waY to go), and it is hoped he will be able to perform the opening ceremony.

This will provide a nice photo opportunity for him to pose by the pool table with some youngsters while he strikes his usual ‘thumbs up’ cheesy grin pose for the latest Delhi Echo*/Borough News/Lib Dem Focus.

Council Leader Keith House said,

”The Council is committed to providing facilities for young people and with the refurbishment now underway the scheme is another step nearer completion that will provide an excellent venue for youngsters to enjoy.”

* The Delhi Echo: your local newspaper, produced in India.