Lotto Fever Hits Boyatt Wood Newsagents

When shop owner Jon Dudley printed off a lottery ticket for a customer two weeks ago, little did he know that the pink slip was worth £954,934. Now, the lucky National Lottery terminal at Boyatt News in Eastleigh has become a magnet for players looking to become the next big jackpot winner.

This follows a win by an 11-strong syndicate from local company BSS Drainage for the staggering amount on Saturday 26th June after they bought the Lotto ticket at this very store.

Jon Dudley said: “I am absolutely over the moon for the group from BSS. They have come in every week for 15 years to buy their ticket so we were genuinely thrilled when we found out they had won, but also shell-shocked that the jackpot ticket had come from our shop!”

Business has been booming since then as surges of superstitious lottery hopefuls have flocked to the Eastleigh newsagents on Shakespeare Road, hoping that some of this good luck will rub off on them.

Mr Dudley adds “The win has been the talk of Eastleigh. Some of the things our customers have been doing to try to bring themselves good fortune have been remarkable. They’ve been rubbing the Lotto machine for luck or insisting on standing on the ‘one million pound spot’ before buying their tickets. I play the lucky dip every week, and now I know that the terminal here is lucky, it might be my turn next!”

This Saturday there is an estimated Lotto rollover jackpot of £7 million while Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot is an estimated £23 million.