Council launch waste collection survey


Flashback to January's bin collection fiasco

Eastleigh Council has launched an online survey to determine residents level of staisfaction with waste collection and recycling services in the borough.

This follows a recent edict from the communities minister Eric Pickles that councils need not limit black bin collections to once a fortnight, which prompted Councillor Louise Bloom to say that fortnightly bin cllections were ‘popular’ and would be retained.

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The survey comes at a time when recyling services are due to be outsourced as part of ‘Project Integra’ – which would see local waste collection and recycling ‘regionalised’ and under the control of French operators Veolia.

The online survey can completed here

Many people have complained to Eastleigh News regarding fortnightly bin collections – here is a chance to make your feelings known!

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  1. peter stewart
    August 6, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    This whole recycling fiasco has arisen from no less than NINE EU Directives which now govern the minutiae of waste disposal in Britain. Stuff the EU! That’s what I say. But why is the consumer being asked to do the recycling work which should be done by the manufacturer? Answer: Because the EU and big business are REALLY close!

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