Eastleigh Music Fest in ticket sales flop


...and this was for a free event!

Although the council had promised crowds of up to 15,000 people visiting July’s Eastleigh Music Festival – it has just been revealed that only 683 tickets were sold.

A freedom of information request submitted by local campaigner Matthew Myatt shows even fewer tickets were sold than last years disappointing 730 and that for the second year the cost of running the Leigh Road festival have outstripped ticket revenue by about £40,000.

The lack of popular support for the ticketed evening performances on the Friday and Saturday nights of the 3 day contrasts sharply with the crowds that attended the free Family fun day and Mela that was organised by Laocl Asian welfare and cultural association on the Sunday.

An eyewitness has reported to Eastleigh news that the Friday evening which was headlined by Cara Dillon – an artiste not generally well known outside the Folk circuit -was particulary poorly attended and local freebie paper News Extra reported Saturday’s festival headliner ‘Badly Drawn Boy’ as delivering a bad tempered set with the artiste cursing the poor sound at this ‘family ‘ event.

Matthew Mayatt, who along with fellow local issues campaigner Sam Snook, has previously staged a protest at the event said:

“It is about time that this event was cancelled, it costs local taxpayers thousands of pounds a year, and creates extensive damage to our recreation ground “

Peter Chegwyn, a local music promoter who is also a Lib Dem County Council colleague of Eastleigh’s leader Keith House, has previously warned the Leigh Road site as a poor choice of venue for a Music festival.

An unsuitable location, poor advertising and obscure acts seem to have resulted in consistently disappointing ticket sales -yet the Council persist in promoting this loss making event while withdrwing support for Eastleigh’s ballroom dancers and swimmers. Fascinating!

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