Swimming for over 60s – up by £264 a year!


Flash back to April 2009 - 'thumbs up' to free swimming from Alan Broadhurst and Chris Huhne

Eastleigh council have withdrawn their support of free swimming for under 16’s and over 60 year olds since last Monday. Meanwhile Eastleigh News has learned that Leisure Centre bosses at council owned Fleming Park have sent a mail shot to all the over 60 year olds who had signed up for free unlimited swimming under the scheme to tell them they can continue to enjoy unlimited swimming – for £22 a month!

At the time the scheme was introduced Eastleigh’s super fit MP Chris Huhne said:

“Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for keeping fit. It is particularly good for the heart as it exercises virtually all parts of the body, and it is great for the elderly as well as the young because it does not put any stress on joints unlike jogging”

However, elderly residents who may have followed Mr Huhne’s advice and made swimming part of their regular exercise routine will now have to fork out £264 a year for the privilege.

As a incentive the leisure centre is offering people who sign up up in August unlimited swimming until October for just £20 (£22 per month thereafter).

More details on 02380 684800.

Free swimming for under 16s will still be available throughout August under the Park Sport play scheme:

Details here