Clegg: No Lefties thank you

Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has told Labour supporters who voted for Lib Dem tactically that there was no point in them doing so.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper on the eve of the Liberal Democrat annual conference he said that he appreciated a lot of disaffected labour voters had transferred alliegence to the Lib Dems over issues like Iraq but that they should not expect concessions on policy in return

“I totally understand that some of these people are not happy with what the Lib Dems are doing in coalition with the Conservatives. The Lib Dems never were and aren’t a receptacle for leftwing dissatisfaction with Labour. There is no future for that, there never was.”

It is generally agreed that Chris Huhne owed his victory in Eastleigh to large scale tactical voting by Labour supporters.

Mr Huhne had personally pleaded with labour voters on the doorstep and begged for their vote while pushing his support for a number of left leaning policies – raising of tax threshold to £10k, lowering of CGT allowance to £1k, no to Trident renewal and nuclear power while at the same time speaking out against a rise a in VAT and against early cuts to public spending.

Not only have the Lib Dems failed implement these policies they appear to have reversed their position on all them in line with conservative policy

A poll published by ‘comres’ today claims two out of every five people who voted Lib Dem now say they regret having done so while another poll also just published shows support for the Lib Dems has dropped to 15%. – While at the same time support for Labour has risen in proportion.

If Eastleigh’s Labour voters return to supporting their party in the next election then Mr Huhne’s positon would be untenable.

In August the spectator ran a story alleging that the Conservatives had agreed not to stand against Lib Dems defending marginal seats like Eastleigh.

Following the story Chris Huhne was bushwhacked as he was leaving his Nutbeem Road surgery by BBC political rottweiler Michael Crick.

Mr Huhne denied that he had suggested any sort of election pact – but refused to comment further when asked if anyone else had suggested it.

Well, you heard the man – in future don’t vote Lib Dem in Eastleigh if you are Labour!!

Photo©The Prime Mnisters Office