Government to axe ‘warmfront’ grants


If you don't have dodgy knees and asthma before start work as a loft lagger, you will by the time you have finished

The government are to continue the previous administration’s policy of gradually withdrawing ‘warmfront’ grants which entitles the elderly and needy to free insulation for their homes it has emerged.

Chris Huhne the Energy minister, has announced that grants are to be phased out and replaced by loans under the new ‘green deal.’

In future loans for insulation work, – loft lagging and cavity wall insulation- will be available to all of the country’s 26 million homes subject to survey.

The cost of repayments should be offset by the savings in householder’s energy costs and customers will repay the principal in instalments through their energy bills.

The Eastleigh MP also revealed that locally based company B&Q could be a possible provider and said that his department had guesstimated up 250,000 jobs could be created over a 20 year period.

Prior to the general election the former Labour skills minister, John Denham, had been derided in the local press when he had suggested that semi skilled Ford workers being made redundant could be retrained as loft laggers but this would now appear to be Lib Con policy as well.

Overall this is an ingenious and ambitious plan but does seem to make assumptions regarding costs – of fuel, materials and labour.

The predicted drop in energy demand could cause energy companies to raise prices to compensate for loss of revenue and an unintended consequence of increasing employment might be higher wages – better get your home insulated for free before the grants run out!!

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  1. peter stewart
    September 26, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    I was told by an electrician that after a prolonged downpour, where the rain has been driving against an exposed wall, the bricks become saturated and water literally RUNS down the INSIDE surface of the outer cavity wall (INSIDE THE CAVITY) and that’s why when you run a cable through a cavity wall, you must run it UPWARDS to the inside to prevent the running water from running DOWN the cable onto the inner cavity wall and causing damp problems. So how come cavity wall insulation does not get all wet and cause damp problems. Also, what about the health risks from microfibres used in some cavity wall insulation or the fumes given off by the plastic ones? Also, what happens if in 10 or 15 years time, we switch heavily to nuclear power? What then if the price of electricity drops in real terms? I think all this insulatioin stuff is a CON (huh! same 3 letters that begin the main coalition party…CON for CONSERVATIVE)!

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