Is your local telling you porkies?


Just how local is the grub down your local? Officers from Hampshire County Council Trading Standards have been investigating the origin of food products supposedly ‘made in Hampshire’ that are being offered for consumption in local pubs and restaurants

Checks on 50 different dishes and products at 30 premises from around the county have found that over a quarter of the foodstuffs investigated which implied they were ‘locally produced from Hampshire’ – actually originated from outside the county.

One pub in Romsey claimed to serve locally reared pork products from a well known local farm, except the farm in question was found not to rear pigs.

Another pub in Havant was found to be selling pies made with ‘Hampshire ale’ – which had in fact been brewed in London.

Some meat, fish, cheeses and ales checked by Trading Standards in Fareham, Havant, the New Forest and Test Valley were in fact sourced from locations as far afield as Scotland and New Zealand and not home-grown in Hampshire.

Leader of Hampshire County Council, Councillor Ken Thornber said:

“The choice to ‘buy local’ is about more than just taste, and many consumers opt for these products in good faith, believing that they are not only supporting local farmers, producers and the Hampshire economy but also helping the environment by reducing the number of food miles from farm to fork. It’s therefore important that premises make it clear where they are sourcing their produce so that customers are not misled and can make an informed choice.”

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