HAT Full of Praise on Pothole Progress


Flashback to Wilmer Road after the snows melted

Members of Eastleigh’s Hampshire action team (Eastleigh HAT) have been updated by the County Council’s Highways Department on progress being made on ‘Operation Restore’, the ongoing programme to repair local roads after the disastrous severe winter conditions had left the Borough’s roads pitted with potholes.

So far this year the County Council has carried out work costing over £5 million on providing additional infrastructure, maintaining and repairing roads and footways and restoring highways that have been badly damaged by the snow and ice.

Over 60 of the Borough’s roads are being resurfaced, receiving surface dressings or having their edges strengthened. Additionally, 17 new highways infrastructure schemes have been completed, varying from the installation of new roundabouts, cycle-ways and signalled pedestrian crossings, to improvements to footway drainage.

Members congratulated officers on the work being done and identified eight new additional highways projects for which funding could be available.

The Eastleigh HAT was told how the County Council’s road restoration programme costing over £12 million over the whole County, had been rolled out across the Borough to repair last year’s damage and outlined the ‘resilience programme’ to ensure that in future, the County’s roads will, as far as possible, be less susceptible to severe weather conditions in future.

Already most roads in the northern part of the Borough have been restored and the programme is scheduled for completion by the end of this financial year, ready for the resilience programme to commence in the following year.

Details and schedule of road repairs can be found by clicking here

Photo: ©Stephen Slominski

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  1. easypeasy
    October 19, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    When the next copy of ‘FOCUS’or ‘Borough News’ comes round no doubt there will be a picture of a couple of our workshy councillors posing next to a pothole while holding shovels and making a ‘thumbs up’gesture at the camera.
    Remember, it’s the county council that fixes the potholes NOT them.
    And don’t forget to ask your LibDem Councillor when he comes round asking for your vote “what exactly is it you do for a living?”

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