Local Councils Waste £370k a Year on ‘Non Jobs’

eastleigh burn

Don't worry it's only YOUR money they're burning

Up to £166,555 a year of Eastleigh Council Tax payer’s money could be saved by axing council ‘non jobs’ it has been claimed.

The Tax Payers Alliance (TPA) have scrutinised four different common council posts, the proliferation of which they say has seen the average council tax bill double in the last decade and which they describe as ‘non jobs’ – the kind of jobs that can be cut without any threat to frontline services which would otherwise be compromised by spending cuts.

The council posts they have highlighted are those of: Political Adviser, Diversity Officer, Climate Change Officer and European Officer

The TPA then sent Freedom of Information requests to all the councils in the UK and compiled a report of salary details.

Among the facts they uncovered was that there are 350 climate change officers employed in the UK at cost of £10 million a year to the taxpayer and there are also 543 diversity officers which cost a further £20 million a year.

The TPA also discovered that Eastleigh Borough Council employ a ‘Community Climate Change Co-ordinator’ who receives a generous £47,554 a year to “raise awareness about climate change issues.”

This is a post that neighbouring Test Valley, Winchester and Fareham councils seem to be managing without.

The TPA have also revealed that Hampshire County Council employ two European officers who cost £72,924 a year and a diversity officer who earns £46,098 partly subsidised by Eastleigh householders.

Southampton council taxpayers have to find a staggering £203,434 to fund two European Officers, two Diversity Officers and a Climate Change officer while facing cuts to services.

Interestingly, although Southampton’s Climate Change officer has bigger population to educate, they are paid £7,000 year LESS than their Eastleigh counterpart.

Eastleigh’s Community Climate Change officer works alongside two ‘Sustainability Policy Co-ordinators’ as part of a ‘Sustainability Team’ – although no details of their pay are available at present.

Never mind ‘Bonfire of the Quangos’ there needs to be a ‘Bonfire of the council non-jobs’. Surely there cannot be any justification in this current economic climate of paying anyone in local government more than £30k a year. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous. What do you think?

Photo: ©Stephen Slominski