Flaming Ferrari led to Fraud

Ferrari 360

A court has been told how an Eastleigh man ‘panicked’ after he saw his beloved Ferrari 360 spider burst into flames

Car dealer Chris Carey, 40, charged punters £15 a time to drive the 185 mph supercar to raise funds for the air ambulance service. But an uninsured driver wrote it off by wrapping it round a tree.

Later the dad of four tried to fool his insurers into paying out for the £50,000 sports car by claiming he was the driver.

He pleaded guilty and got 200 hours community work.

Judge Gary Burrell, at Southampton Crown court, said the claim had been “blatantly dishonest’.

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Recipe for a Flaming Ferrari:

3 ounces white rum

3 ounces dark rum

2 ounces blue curacao

Pour the rums into an old-fashioned glass. Separately, pour the blue curacao into a double-shot glass. Ignite the rum mixture (use extreme caution) and suck with a straw; at the same time pour the blue curacao into the glass and finish.

Photo: David Kirby