Ghastly Poles Bring Down Neighbourhood


Can you imagine Keith putting up with this outside his house?

Over a year after the council publicly declared they were going to remove eyesore parking signposts from the streets of Newtown – exasperated residents are still waiting for something to happen.

On the 27th September 2009 local resident J Meuhlnickel complained on the ‘Fix my street’ website about the state of a parking signpost in Northlands Road which was extremely rusty.

A council official responded anonymously 10 days later (October 6th) saying:

“A change in the regulations in 2002 means that no waiting signs are no longer required and are being removed as they need attention or other works are being done in the area.

I have arranged for the pole and some adjacent ones around the Laburnum Grove/Northlands Road junction to be removed. This should be done in the next 6 weeks.”


So much for 'Street Scene'

One angry Northlands Road resident, a redundant Ford Worker aged 53, who did not wish to be named said:

“Both the County and Borough Council neglect this area which looking is looking increasingly run down. Our Liberal Democrat Central Ward councillors couldn’t care less. The street only gets swept once a year – it’s a disgrace. They are only interested in putting up our parking permit charges so they can spend the money somewhere else.”

“You wait till May “he added.

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