Local snapper sets council puzzler

Do you know where this is?

An award winning freelance photographer from Eastleigh, is about to release the third instalment in as series of catalogues of photographs he has taken in the borough.

Matthew Myatt’s latest collection, ‘Dark Eastleigh’ follows in the footsteps of ‘Beyond the Bandstand’ and ‘Further beyond the bandstand’ by exploring hidden local views.

He is currently challenging members of the Council to identify some of the locations he has captured in his atmospheric images and has emailed all the Borough councillors as follows:

“I would like to challenge your geographic knowledge of our borough and invite you to try and work out where this image was taken exactly.

I will publish the results of this challenge in a week’s times, so get your thinking caps on ladies and gents and let’s see who really does know about the geography of our borough.”

Matthew is a trained press photographer who now works almost exclusively for the glossies. In 2007 he was voted ‘Best photographer in the world’ in a poll of readers for website supermodels .com and there has also been an exhibition of his work in Eastleigh Museum.

Matthew Myatt at the 'Beyond the Bandstand' exhibition

When not busy working on location or being an outspoken critic of the Council on websites like Eastleigh News he prefers to shoots pictures of the things he is passionate about – his family, nature, Eastleigh and aviation, (he is a former ATC cadet from Southampton (424) squadron).

He also a campaigns on local issues and hit the headlines when he campaigned to save ‘Sid’ -a sycamore tree – from being cut down to make way for the point phase 3 extension.


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  1. peter stewart
    October 9, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    Yes … I see it too! A blue light at the end of the tunnel …but alas I fear that tunnel is much longer than it looks and it will be many years before the light of TRUE Conservatism comes flooding out to bathe the land once more in hope and glory and I can once again vote Tory!

    William Vague is trying hard to convince me that his EU puppet party is getting “tough on Europe”. But since the Tories seized power, did you know that in the four months July to October, they have allowed the EU to impose 324 Regulations, 22 Directives and 316 pieces of “Other Legislation” (that which has not even passed through the EU “parliament”) (so called).

    Like the rest of the modern Tory elite, Hague is simply an EU puppet. The designer balding is nothing more than electrostatic flocking. Look carefully when you next see him! In good backlighting you will even see the strings which make him dance.

    As for this photograph, it is a very good photograph to be sure.

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