Spending Cuts “Small Matter” says ‘Chopper’ Huhne

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Eastleigh's energetic energy minister strikes a typical swashbuckling pose

While thousands of public sector workers and students have taken to the streets today to protest against cuts to public services, Chris Huhne – Eastleigh’s high flying MP – has described the Comprehensive Spending Review as a ‘small matter’.

While attending the European Future Energy Forum conference earlier this week Mr Huhne told a Reuters correspondent that the multi million pound subsidies handed out to energy companies who invest in wind power would survive the cuts.

“We’re not going to be put off by the small matter of the public spending review,” insisted the millionaire cabinet minister.

Meanwhile back in Eastleigh, ‘Sally’, a local government worker and Unison member reacted angrily to the news:

“Unable to find fulltime employment I have to do three different part time jobs to try and support my family – all of these jobs are in the public sector and any, or all of them, could be under threat as a result of these spending cuts

I am shocked to hear my MP trivialise the plight of his constituents while attending some private industry bash.

It may be a ‘small matter’ to him but its life or death to me.

As he is an economist as well as our MP we need him to come to Eastleigh and explain to us how mass unemployment and falling household income is going to aid the recovery”

Commenting on a photo released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change which shows Mr Huhne dressed in a flying suit, Sally added:

‘He really needs to come back down to earth”

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  1. peter stewart
    October 24, 2010 at 11:09 am

    These cuts are unnecessary. We could convert the structural deficit to a surplus within the same 5 year period this coalition has allowed, simply by leaving the EU and putting the £125 Billion we currently waste there each year into our OWN infrastructure.

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