Valley Park goes into lock down

valley park

Valley Park, elderly residents in fear

The Valley Park estate in Chandlers Ford was in going into lock down tonight after police leafleted residents urging them to secure their homes and vehicles over night following a series of thefts.

The warning comes after six burglaries and seven thefts from vehicles occurred in the Valley Park and Knightwood area since September 28th.

The majority of the offences have happened overnight or very early in the morning.

It seems that the homes were targeted because they are in a relatively affluent area and an easy target  – a contributing factor in the majority of these crimes is that homes and vehicles were left unlocked.

Four of the homes and five of the cars had been left insecure.

Items stolen during these crimes include laptops, computer games, mountain bikes, sat navs and ipods.

Police Community Support Officer Sam O’Hanlon said: “We are investigating this series of crimes and additional patrols are taking place in the area.

Valley Park Appeal

“However, you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim by ensuring you lock your cars even if they are parked on your driveway and secure your homes, sheds and garages.

“Opportunistic thieves will check doors as they pass and will take advantage of easy targets.

“It is also important that you remove valuables from your cars when leaving them unattended. Satellite navigation systems are prime targets for these thieves and leaving their cradles on display will lead a thief to search a car for the device.

“We are doing all we can to locate the offenders for these crimes. However, by working with us and keeping cars, homes, garages and sheds secure, Knightwood and Valley Park will cease to be an easy target.”

Said one elderly Valley Park resident who was too scared to be named:

“I am 79 and just come out of hospital after dislocating my hip so I am not very mobile and live in bungalow”

“It is extremely worrying to be told to lock up because there is a gang of burglars on the loose trying your doors and windows”

“I feel like a prisoner in my own home”

You should report any suspicious people or vehicles to the police on 101. If you witness a crime in progress you should dial 999.

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