£200 Reward for Missing Cat


Have you seen this cat?

A distraught Eastleigh family are offering a £200 reward for the safe return of Jasmine, a grey one year old female cat.

The missing moggy hasn’t been seen at its Southampton Road home since November the 5th and the heart broken Marshall family, Ted, Lori and baby Sonny say they are ‘devastated’ and ‘supermiss’ their feline friend who they regard as part of the family.


Despite contacting local vets, putting up missing posters and knocking on doors there has been no word on Jasmine’s whereabouts except for a reported sighting of a man carrying a grey cat in the direction of Market Street – which has raised the fear that Jasmine may have been catnapped.

Three other neighbours have lost cats recently.

The family would be pleased to hear from anyone with information and can be contacted on 07737 578139.

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