Cameron breaks another EU pledge

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DC's promises are as brittle as cast iron

Although the Right Honorable David Cameron MP did not actually dare to repeat the words, “cast iron guarantee”, nevertheless he DID assure us (in English as plain as English can be) that there would be a referendum on any FURTHER transfer of sovereignty to the EU.

Now what do we find? Europe Minister David Lidington has suddenly introduced a new EU Bill in Parliament. Despite the unconvincingly loud grumblings of “eurosceptic” Tories this Bill will no doubt be passed. This Bill is DELIBERATELY DESIGNED to let the now wriggling Cameron off the hook. This Bill will be the means by which this EU puppet government will slink around Cameron’s “promise”. This Bill is deliberately ambiguous. This Bill is cunning, like all the legislation over the last 37 years which has systematically destroyed the sovereignty of the United Kingdom right under our noses.

The bottom line of this wordy Bill allows any Minister to transfer power to the EU provided it is “insignificant”. Yes! So cunning and daring!

David Lidington (the “EU stalking puppet”) in true Euro-lies and Euro-duplicity says (on the one hand) that many British people feel “disconnected” from the EU, while on the other hand he says,

”That is why we are introducing this EU Bill, to give people more control over decisions made by the government in the EU in their name”!

Of course this Bill is designed to do exactly the opposite. It will remove our penultimate “control over decisions made by the government in the EU” in our name.

When this Bill is passed (yes, I say “when” it is passed) all that will remain of our “control” will be in the area of “significant” transfer of sovereignty. Do you feel lucky? Well… do ya?

Heil Hitler! Ja! This is an “enabling Act” which Hitler would have been proud of. It enables the rapid piecemeal transfer of power from Britain to the EU at a pace we have never witnessed before.

Bill Cash calls it, “the most important constitutional bill affecting the relationship between the UK parliament and the EU since the European Communities Act 1972.”

Andrew Duff MEP, totalitarian arch EU puppet and constitutional affairs spokesman for the European Liberal Democrats said, “The coalition government must respect the constitutional order of the European Union and should not impede the steady democratic evolution of the Treaty-based rules which bind all EU states together in a deep and lasting interdependence.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the sloppy slithering and burping sound you’ve heard in the background over the last 37 years (which you thought was tinnitus) is caused by Britain slowly sliding head first down the gullet of the giant EU tapeworm!

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