Echo Ed: “Pay Stays Frozen”


Frozen Echo journalists last week

Journalists at Eastleigh News Extra and the Daily Echo who agreed to suspend strike action in return for talks on pay have been told by their editor that the ongoing pay freeze and closure of the pension fund is non negotiable.

In a statement to, Editor Ian Murray said:

“The wage freeze remains in place and is not a matter for negotiation during these talks which are scheduled to take place on Monday, November 29, nor is the closure of the final salary pension scheme.

“Management remains open to listening to other issues the members may raise, but it was the NUJ’s decision to call off the strike and request a meeting and it is for them to come forward with any new points for consideration having exhausted previous avenues of discussion.”

Last week the Editor was forced to walk past a picket line of his own staff while escorting Baroness Buscombe, head of the Press Complaints Commission, to a public meeting at Southampton Art Gallery.

The NUJ have confirmed that both the pay freeze and the pensions issue is still very much on their agenda.