Exporting the Public Sector

We learn with horror that Winchester and Eastleigh Health Care Trust (WEHCT) which runs the Royal Hants County Hospital, is going to axe 20 secretarial and clerical jobs and send the work to India. (See story here)

Hmm! Would this be connected with the EU-India trade deal expected to be signed in December?

I’ve nothing against India but EVERYTHING against British politicians allowing 3rd party organizations to sacrifice British jobs in return for “cheap” Indian labour. In whose name do they do this?

They claim that by axing 20 jobs, they will “save” £2 million over 3 years, or £666,666 a year. But don’t be fooled by “savings”. As Harold Wilson said, “One man’s profit is another man’s loss”! What’s the financial “cost” of destroying 20 British jobs to make these “savings”?

In Britain we have an unemployment “safety net” which costs £61,000,000,000 p.a. UK unemployment is 2.5 million so every unemployed person costs Britain £24,400 p.a. By destroying 20 British jobs WEHCT saves £666,666 p.a. but costs Britain £488,000 p.a. Thus Britain saves only £178,666 per year all things being equal (which they never are)!

There are hidden unemployment costs, like when 20 people lose their jobs; the cash they would have caused to be circulated (£666,666 a year) is no longer circulated. The effect is recessionary!

Old Chinese saying: Kill one man, frighten a hundred! The same is true here. Destroy 20 British jobs, frighten 2,000 people.

So for a lousy “saving” of £178,666 a year, Britain ends up with 20 unemployed people and 2,000 people frightened witless. Is it worth it especially when you consider the reason for these cuts? Let us remember who it was who got us into this mess? It was our elected politicians following the same jobs destroying, EU-Globalist policy which they are now intensifying with this EU-India trade deal (on top of the EU-Turkey trade deal and the EU-China trade deal). How many more “deals” will the EU do to secure cheap labour and destroy our jobs? The answer is to vote UKIP and send them a clear message of defiance.

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