Free Trade Tirade

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If by “free trade” we mean “no tariffs on the import of artificially cheap foreign goods” or no restriction on the immigration of cheap labour, then THAT is an abomination and we should NOT preach it ON MORAL and ECONOMIC grounds (economics and morality are not mutually exclusive)!

The opening of our borders to cheap foreign goods (and labour) has caused the destruction of MILLIONS of British manufacturing (and increasingly service) jobs. This has created an APPALLING insecurity in the nation, not only in terms of NATIONAL security but in PERSONAL security and happiness. These things cannot be quantified because they are priceless!

For those who are deficient in tribal patriotism and “family” (because of their upbringing) let me explain that this great island on which you, your family, your friends and neighbours, live out your short lives, is peopled by YOUR own extended family called “the British people”.

It is nothing less than the DUTY of every elected government to protect the jobs of the British people (whom it is supposed to represent to the MAXIMUM benefit without question).

By golly! I am talking about the most basic human requirements here. I am talking about humanity at its lowest level and yet some members of the British people appear to lack it when they delve into that sacred territory of “macro economics”.

“Protectionism” (a good word for “looking after your own”) is even observed by so-called “lower” members of the animal kingdom which allegedly know nothing of such things. I tell you that ants have a better track record in this regard than many Britons today. It makes me feel ashamed, at least of the system which has bred such blindness.

We have endured 37 years of EU globalism and now with the EU-Turkey trade deal, the EU-India trade deal and the EU-China trade deal, the fat cat globalists (free traders) are still not finished destroying the jobs which should have been our children’s birthright.

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