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British troops under French command... Sarkozy congratulates Cameron on a another great victory.

That ever curiouser EU hybrid puppet, officially stamped on its forehead with the tiny EU logo “Cameron-Hague”, but more popularly known in its Prime Ministerial guise as “Dave” or with its “yes-man” head plonked on, in which case it goes by the name of “William” (after all, did you ever see them both together?) is having a laugh at your expense.

At least I think it’s having a laugh; however with all that string jerking by its EU masters (as they laugh at you) it’s hard to tell. Look closely in good backlighting and you can always see its strings! Watch carefully and you can always see its mouth moving slightly out of sync with the EU ventriloquists who do the speaking for it behind slightly parted curtains.

This “Cameron” puppet claims to have achieved a “spectacular success” by forcing the EU to reduce its demands for yet more of your hard earned cash. Instead of a 6% rise in Britain’s “EU Contributions” it seems the EU is (reluctantly) willing to accept a mere 2.91% rise.

But we are a post-WMD nation. That means we’ve sussed out (at last) that not everything our elected Government tells us is true, especially when it comes down to the EU.

We all realize that the pre-bargaining figure of 6% which the EU pretends to want (before all the haggling begins) is bound to be reduced. So 2.91% is what they really wanted all along. Well done that puppet!

But let’s inspect the extra cash the EU wants to take from you. Another £435,200,000 of British cash split 60 million ways is £7.25 extra for every man, woman and child or £13.98 for every taxpayer. That’s extra on top of what the EU is already stealing from us in the form of “contributions”. So how much are these EU contributions?

Well if the increase of 2.91% is equal to £435.2 million, then the original amount is £14,955,326,460 or almost £15 billion. Add it all together and it means the EU actually wants Britain to pay £15,495,878,460.

Now split that 60 million ways and you get £258 for every British man woman and child or £497.86 for every British tax payer! But hold on! Is that figure correct? Those of you who have got this far are probably observant enough to realize that the title of this rant mentions only £483.78. The answer lies in the fact that in the time it has taken you to read this, the amount has increased by 2.91%!

That’s how the EU operates…deep inside your pocket.

Phtoto: Crown Copyright

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