Ireland’s Passport to Euro Hell


Ireland (SOUTHERN Ireland) is BUST! Worse than that – Ireland has lost its independence (the most important thing in the World)!

It took Ireland only 40 years to achieve its independence from the UK, from the very first separatist mutterings in the 1880s to the ultimate prize in 1921: Independence! But easy come, easy go!

In 1972 the European Union (blessed with an irresistibly large slush fund) persuaded key Irish and UK politicians and other functionaries, to aid and abet the annexation of both Ireland and the United Kingdom by means of the European Communities Act. And so it was that on the 1st of January 1973, Irish independence ended just 52 years after it had begun.

Of course no solemn signs proclaimed, “Irish Independence is Hereby Ended” and no European Union soldiers marched down the streets to signal the new occupation. This was a slow takeover by stealth and deceit.

Meanwhile to keep Ireland quiet and to help debilitate the United Kingdom into the bargain, the EU made Ireland a net beneficiary of EU taxpayers’ money, while the UK became a net contributor. For the next 31 years Ireland was paid the equivalent of £780 per person per year.

This artificial and most dangerous boost to the Irish economy lasted for 31 years until 2004 when European Union expansion eastward, required the EU slush fund to be diverted into more strategically important areas, namely bribing those Eastern European States which had only recently shaken off the shackles of the Soviet Union.

Ireland’s EU handouts were slashed by 70% down to the equivalent of £231 per person per year. From then on Ireland’s economic collapse was inevitable. The collapse has finally come.

Now Ireland has a GRAVE dilemma. If it does NOT accept the EU bail out, it will be forced to leave the Euro which will quickly trigger the collapse of this wretched and failing currency (and probably the EU too). If it accepts the EU Bail out, it will be rubber stamping its final days of slow and painful extermination as an independent nation.

No doubt behind the scenes, the EU slush fund is working overtime so do NOT be surprised if Ireland accepts the bail out – Too many vested interests are at stake. When it happens, what will the IRA do? Surely they cannot be happy with Ireland stepping out of the UK frying pan and into the EU fire!

Considering the truly monumental nature of this story, I am not surprised to find it sidelined by the curious timing of the announcement of Prince William’s engagement. Still, “they” (by which I mean the enemies of democracy) can manipulate and spin the news as much as they like but it will not change the fate of this dinosaur European construction which has caused so much damage to Britain. Not only is the Euro collapsing, but the EU too. How ironic that it could be Ireland which deals the fatal blow!

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