We Want Our Vote Back!!

Student protestors picket Chris Hunes Eastleigh Office 26 11 10

Students gather outside Chris Huhne’s office




There was anger on the streets of Eastleigh yesterday as a small, but very vocal group of students from Winchester University and Solent University Southampton marched on Chris Huhne’s office in an attempt to talk to him – part of a nationwide campaign of demonstrations by students against the coalition government’s intention to increase student tuition fees.

The students claim that by signing a pre-election pledge (see story here) to oppose fee increases, Liberal Democrat MPs like Mr Huhne had gained valuable votes from students and these MPs should be recalled if they reneged on their promise.

In what was Eastleigh’s first demonstration march in living memory, the students, escorted by police officers, made their way through the town centre handing out leaflets while singing and shouting ‘We want our vote back’ and ‘Shame on you Chris Huhne’.

It would have been a surgery day for Mr Huhne – who earlier had been due to address local business men at a swanky bash at the Rose Bowl – but when the protestors arrived they found a notice on the door saying the office was shut for the day, so they delivered a leaflet instead.

Student Protestor delivers leaflet to Chris Hunes office eastleigh 26 11 10

Protestor delivers leaflet to Chris Huhne’s office

Protest leader, student Daniel Prendergast said:

“We have been emailing and writing to Chris Huhne but he has not replied so we have come down to his constituency office to try and talk him, unfortunately he is not here but we are going to continue to write and email and continue to call his office till we get a response, If we don’t get a response we will come back here again”

“Even though Chris Huhne is not here we’ve still had a chance to remind the voters of Eastleigh of the promise Mr Huhne made to students”

When asked if the students had a message for the MP Mr Prendergast replied;

“We are asking him to remember his pledge and the reasons why he was elected”

The students also collected signatures for a petition in support of their campaign.


One shopper, Sue Wilson who signed said:

“I feel it’s not just about this generation but the future generations. I am worried about the future for my grandchildren”

Eastleigh voter Rod Youngman who also signed, thought a failure by Mr Huhne to honour his pre election commitments could endanger his prospects of being re-elected:

“He should vote against the tuition fee rises but he is not brave enough. He has promised a lot but done nothing. I think his seat is in great danger, when the local elections come in May a lot of local Lib Dems will be in for a shock”.

Chris Huhne has a 3864 seat majority.


Photo: ©Stephen Slominski

  4 comments for “We Want Our Vote Back!!

  1. davo
    November 27, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    do you need a degree to work in poundland?

    November 27, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    There are roughly 465,000 students in the UK. They are being squeezed like hell. According to the Tax Payers Alliance the EU costs Britain £125 Billion every year and for 16 (SIXTEEN) years the EU Court of Auditors has refused to ratify the EU accounts! What are we doing giving our money to a bunch of corrupt, money grabbing thieves? UKIP says keep the cash in Britain and bring back student grants! For instance the £7 BILLION (repeat SEVEN BILLION POUNDS) of British taxpayers’ money (WHICH WE DON’T HAVE EVEN FOR OURSELVES) which this unnatural EU puppet coalition government is loaning to Southern Ireland (to help keep them in the Euro and perpetuate their economic recklessness)… this £7 Billion is worth about £15,000 to every student! I urge all students to VOTE UKIP!

  3. mm
    Eastleigh Xpress
    November 27, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    I don’t know if they will vote Ukip – but I’m pretty confident that this lot won’t be voting Lib Dem any time soon.

  4. Councillor Brian norgate
    December 2, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    I have a great sympathy with the Students and young people who demonstrated over the increase in student fees. I fully support their action and aims to stop any increase in the Student fees.

    This time of financial insecurity is not the time to work out how we should pay for universitys. what is clear we as a country pay less than 0.5% of GDP while most other countries such as Germany pay just over 0.5%.

    Our students need a level playing field and this perhaps is what Chris Huhne MP was saying at the Student hustings at Barton peverill this year during the General election I attended the debate and listened closely to what Chris Huhne said, the young students were happy to have a champion of their cause but as a councillor I was listening to what our MP actually said.

    Chris Huhne quoted he would not vote for an increase in student fees and would like to scrap them altogether in line with the Libdem
    general election pledge.

    Many students voted for Chris Huhne on this basis and worse perhaps got family members to vote for him because of this.

    It has been the Libdem practice for many elections to promise many things to many people to get elected, but those of us who have been through several elections with our Libdem opponents know itys a tactic they use to get votes.

    I am just as angry as the students are over this betrayal after our MP made such a commitment to the Eastleigh Students this year and to change his mind so quickly after the promise of a Cabinet seat is unforgiveable.

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