Cleaners on Strike at local Hospital

Medirest Strike1

“What do we want? Back pay! When do we want it? Now!” chanted cleaners as they marched around Southampton General this morning.

Hundreds of NHS cleaners, employed by Compass Medirest, came out on a 48 hour strike in Southampton and Buckinghamshire – where they were also joined by porters and catering staff.

They claim they are fighting for money owed to them since 2006.

Jo Spear, UNISON Steward and domestic at Southampton General said:

“In 2006 the Trust was given money by the government to implement Agenda for Change but it never came to us, the domestics were the only ones left out.

We had a demo in July and they implemented the changes from Oct 1st for sick pay and back pay from May 1st but we haven’t accepted this as a settlement.”

We want full back pay. Everyone is very angry that the Trust had the money but didn’t hand it over. Full time workers have lost £3500 over the four years. Talks with ACAS got snowed off and are rescheduled for January but if there are no talks there will be a further two day strike.

I’m very proud of everyone that have come out and stood together.”

Nick Chaffey from Southampton Shop Stewards Network (SSSN) was critical of the effect on employee pay and conditions caused by outsourcing of ancilary services within the NHS saying:

“Compass Medirest made profits of £773 million last year. The erosion of pay, terms and conditions is a clear product of privatisation carried out under New Labour and now continuing under the ConDems. Massive attacks are being waged on the NHS under the bogus argument that there is no money. The best way to ensure all health workers received decent pay and conditions would be to kick the private profiteers like Compass out of the NHS”.

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  1. peter stewart
    December 19, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    Another example of how EU privatization directives have destroyed our integrated, public services which kept this country going. Profit for the few has replaced the idea of service for the many. Meanwhile our EU competitors get to take over our services. I hear that our passports are soon to be printed in Malta! Appalling!

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