Comrades in for a windfall


Comrade Club - empty since October 2009

Members of the former Comrades Club on Leigh Road are in for windfall.

The club closed in October 2009 and the premises were auctioned – contracts are due to be exchanged on January 28 and the 480 registered members of the club, who are effectively shareholders, can expect payments of £300 – £500 each.

The sale of the building to Documentation Software Ltd has been lengthy and several club members are said to have died in the interim.

There were seven offers on the property which eventually sold for £461k – well above the initial valuation.

Members can expect to receive their payments in April.

A decline in Eastleigh as a manufacturing centre has seen a decline in patronage of working men’s clubs in the town and the 80 year old Comrades club has joined Pirelli’s and the Unity Club in closing it’s doors.