Local promoter seeks live bands

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Red Zone Music have signed popular local band ‘Til Dusk’

Local music biz people ‘Red Zone Music’ are searching for new bands for a string of exciting live dates and projects for 2011. The Eastleigh based promoter moved from London into the Campbell road works last year and are already making an impact on the local music scene.

So far bands on their roster have performed at Southampton Football Club, The Coast and The Breeze radio stations

They also say they are currently busy securing slots at various music festivals taking place all over the UK and are also planning gigs at top local venues The Soul Cellar in Southampton and The Concorde Club at Eastleigh.

There has been serious interest from major record labels in a couple of their artistes and one recent signing, the Southampton band ‘Til Dusk’ , did a session for Sally Taylor’s on BBC Radio Solent recently and are now being lined up for a major support slot.

A spokesperson for Red Zone said:

“We welcome new bands to submit their music to us and we listen to every mp3, track & CD sent in to us”

For further information contact: info@redzonemusic.co.uk

Photo: Rob Drew