Parking charges to rise again


Spending leisure time in the Swan Centre could set you back

Motorists feeling the pinch would be advised to steer well clear of Eastleigh from February as the cash strapped council attempt to bolster flagging finances by hiking car parking charges for the second time in six months with inflation busting rises of up to 25%.

The council have £100 million in long term loans to service while faced with a reduction in the government grant of around £850k this year and are unable to increase revenue from direct taxation due to the government freeze on council tax.

Although the communities minister Eric Pickles has warned councils not to use parking charges as an alternative revenue stream, the new charges will come into play from February 20.

One hour stays in the town centre will be going up from £1 to £1.10 while a four hour stay in Hamble square will now cost £2.50 instead of £2.

Download a full schedule of proposed parking charges here:

There will be no reduction in long stay charges either. Families who wish to linger in Eastleigh to enjoy the fantastic shopping ,restaurant and leisure facilities available at the Swan Centre will still be penalised £13 if they plan to stay any longer than seven hours.(£4 at Leisure World Southampton – almost a £10 saving).

In November the cabinet member for the environment, Cllr Louise Bloom said she refused to “apologise for parking charges ” maintaining they were necessary to discourage car usage in order to tackle climate change.

Meanwhile in December, the British Retail Consortium issued a report calling parking charges a ‘Town Killer’.

Last week, in the face of objections from residents and despite opposition from Labour councillor Brian Norgate and the Independent Group of Eastleigh Councillors led by Glynn Davies-Dear; the Lib Dems on the local area committee broke a pre-election pledge made by Cllr Keith House and Wayne Irish by voting in favour of a £30 first charge for parking permits in Eastleigh.

It is possible to lodge an objection to (or register support of) the rises and a full list of further proposed changes to traffic orders in Eastleigh on the following web page:–roads/traffic-orders.aspx

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  3 comments for “Parking charges to rise again

  1. peter stewart
    January 27, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    I must defend the Council.

    Britain’s problems are down to CENTRAL GOVERNMENT TREASON since 1973 (aiding and abetting Britain’s annexation by the “European Union”.

    For 37 years we have been losing 10% of all UK income tax as “EU Contributions”! Wow!

    For 37 years we have been letting EU GLOBALIST legislation destroy 100,000 British manufacturing jobs every year. What have we got in exchange? Cheap foreign goods! Except they are NOT cheaper for British consumers, only for the fat cat globalist manufacturers who shift production abroad to exploit cheap foreign labour and increase their profits at our expense!

    For 37 years (at an ACCELERATING pace) our economy has been getting weaker. To hide this, CENTRAL GOVERNMENT has INCREASINGLY (until recently) encouraged us to BORROW money. Sure! This has boosted the housing and retail sectors and sustained the illusion that all is well with the economy, as we have been buying ever more FOREIGN goods with ever more borrowed money, but personal debt now averages £57,000 per person (or put it another way, we have one hell of a deficit)!

    To get itself out of this EU economic mess, CENTRAL GOVERNMENT needs bags of dosh! But if it raises taxes to the amount required, there would be a mass revolt and people would demand to leave the EU.

    So it resorts to trickery again! It reduces council grants and makes it seem as if LOCAL councils are to blame. This tactic IS working! Once again CENTRAL GOVERNMENT is blinding us to the harsh realities of life in EU Britain.

    Raising car parking charges is necessary because our Council cannot raise Council Tax to the required amount. Blame CENTRAL GOVERNMENT TREASON and let’s get out of the EU!

  2. Andy Lombardi
    January 28, 2011 at 10:05 am

    It’s all very well raising the Parking Fees but how many will decide, later if not sooner, that enough is enough and decamp to Burseldon (Tesco) Badgr Farm, Lordshill, Hedge End (Sainsburys)or even Portswood, Romsey (Waitrose). While they are in Romsey or Portswood they could even avail themslves of the local shops bringing an increased prosperity to those areas. Meanwhile, driven by the lack of business against ever increasing unit rental charges, the local shops shut down.

    This town will become a ghost town.

  3. peter stewart
    January 29, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    Well said Andy, so true. Yet another way of telling it how it is.

    Behold! The simple truth facing Eastleigh!

    Eastleigh town centre is a microcosm of Britain and indeed the whole developed world. Likewise Eastleigh faces an economic threat from “outside”.

    Whereas Britain and the developed world are collapsing due to the ongoing threat from cheap foreign labour (goods and services produced thereby), Eastleigh faces a similarly destructive threat from out of town cheap parking which is available in the superstores.

    I’ve watched the slow decline of Eastleigh caused by:
    1) the building of the Swan Centre (which split the town and robbed the “old quarter” of vital peripheral trade necessary to sustain the reasonably diverse shopping base we used to have there, which in turn reduced diversity and led to reduced shopper numbers,
    2) out of town shopping centres with free parking
    3) increasingly punitive car parking charges in Eastleigh town centre
    4) reduced parking spaces in the “old quarter” to divert cars into the multi-storey car park (thus attempting to create the false ideal of out of town parking)
    5) pedestrianization of Leigh Road and quasi-pedestrianization of Factory Road

    If Eastleigh is to survive as a shopping town, it MUST regenerate the “old quarter”, even if that appears to act against the Swan Centre. This regeneration can only come about by attracting shoppers IN THEIR CARS right into the heart of Eastleigh (Market St, High St, Leigh Road, Factory Road. Once this happens, both the Swan Centre and the “old quarter” will regenerate.

    Let us not be too harsh on our councillors. They are only human and they cannot be expected to know everything about everything.

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