Parking permit vote close

BTW th ecouncil said they would be removing this particular signpost 11 months ago...another broken promise

A Controversial council plan to levy a charge for first resident parking permits (currently free) was narrowly endorsed by Eastleigh Local Area Committee (ELAC) this week by a margin of just one vote.

The newly formed independent group of councillors ‘The gang of three’ who defected from the Liberal Democrats in a blaze of publicity last week voted with Labour against the proposal.

Before debating the issue the committee heard from a local resident objecting to the proposal who described the permit parking scheme as a ‘Parking Tax’ and unsuccessfully argued that it should be funded from revenue derived from town centre car parking while pointing out that the new government had revised advice to councils on parking regulations .

The resident argued that the proposal ran contrary to the new guidance by linking parking policy to climate change strategy and by using parking charges as a means to force residents to use other forms of transport.

During the debate Councillor Davies-Dear, leader of the independent group, strongly opposed the introduction of the first charge arguing it was unfair that new entrants to the scheme should have to pay more for parking than their more established neighbours.

Earlier in the evening the former mayor of Eastleigh had also objected to another planning matter which earned a rebuke from Chairman Cllr Thomas who remonstrated ‘You voted in favour of this previously -now you have changed your mind’

“I have changed my mind on a lot of things!” shot back Councillor Davies-Dear .

He was joined by his independent colleagues Andy Moore (Central ward) and Dave Broughton (Eastleigh South) in voting against the proposal alongside Labour.

Prior to the meeting rumours had circulated that a Liberal Democrat councillor was prepared to abstain on the issue however with both the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council sat in the front row of the public gallery, the remaining five Liberal Democrats bowed to the whip and:

  • Maureen Sollitt (Eastleigh North)
  • Steve Sollitt BA (Eastleigh South)
  • Peter Wall (Eastleigh North)
  • Wayne Irish (Central)
  • Chris Thomas (Eastleigh North)

All voted in favour of Eastleigh residents having to pay more to park their cars outside their homes.

After the meeting Labour councillor Brian Norgate was less than happy with the outcome saying that before last year’s elections Eastleigh Labour Party had circulated a leaflet warning residents that the Liberal Democrats intended to introduce a first charge for parking permits.

At the time the Lib Dem leader Keith House rubbished the claim telling Eastleigh News ‘This is total nonsense made up by Labour’.

The Liberal democrats also produced a Leaflet in which Councillor Wayne Irish stated that:

“There will be NO charges for the first permit. Not now. Not in the future. No chance.

In many Labour-run Councils residents face a hefty bill for parking ANY cars. Not here in Eastleigh!”

Councillor Norgate states this has proven to be untrue and that Labour’s leaflet had been correct.

He claims that the Liberal Democrats had already decided to cut free parking permits well before the election, a decision which if publicised would have been highly damaging to Lib Dem prospects in Eastleigh.

Councillor Norgate alleges the Lib Dems did not wish to admit the story was true and were deliberately deceitful to the detriment of the Labour vote.

He  added he would be taking legal advice.

  6 comments for “Parking permit vote close

    January 22, 2011 at 8:25 am

    Surely the Council has given residents exactly what they asked for: The ability to park near their homes at a reasonable price, unhampered by commuters using the roads as long-stay car parks.

    • Anne Romaine
      January 24, 2011 at 11:32 am

      True. However it’s not what you’d call fair having one household parking for free and a newly moved in neighbour next door having to pay £35 (or whatever) for the privilege.

      Let’s hope you never need a residents parking scheme, Peter.

      • Andy Lombardi
        January 26, 2011 at 6:07 pm

        Furthermore, do these charges confer on you the right to park outside your own home? In most areas around the town ther is a ratio of more than one car per family, so conferring that right will lead lead to more disputes among such dwellings and their occupants.

        • mm
          Eastleigh Xpress
          January 26, 2011 at 9:12 pm

          No Andy.
          When we used to work the late shift I used to struggle to find a space when I got home. Thursdays and Fridays I couldn’t park anywhere near it.
          I used to be late for shift start the next day because I would forget I wasn’t parked in my street and I would have to franticaly run around around the estate looking for my car ‘cos I couldn’t remember what road I’d left it in!

  2. Andy Lombardi
    January 22, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    Unlike that infamous lady member for Finchley it would seem that our Lib ‘Ladies are for turning’!

    I remember, as a five year old, my Grandfather railing against the Liberals “Never vote for a Liberal whenou grow up my boy”.

    I’m sorry Grandad, but those Liberals are punishing me and my kind far more than you ever could!

  3. easy peasy
    January 27, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    Peter will need a parking permit as now the council ar going to put in parking meters along Chickenhall Lane – motorists will start parking in Bishopstoke to avoid charges.
    This will be all the council needs to introduce a parking permit scheme in Bishy at £30 a pop.

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