UK jobs on farewell tour

Coming through Hursley last Friday. The UK transport project planning was by Teahan Convoi Service

Drivers in the Eastleigh area have been warned to expect delays in the forthcoming week as abnormal loads crawl through the borough en route from Reading to Poland.

Huge brewing silos are being shipped from the former Courage brewery in Reading to a new brewery in Poland which will brew beer for export to Britain.

Courage was one of Britain’s oldest brewers, founded in 1787 but was bought by Dutch company Heineken in 2008 in a £7.8 million deal.

The company decided it would be cheaper to brew British beer in Poland and closed the Reading brewery nine months ago with the loss of 350 jobs and it is now in the process of relocating the brewing silos.

Following a successful test trip on Friday, two low loader convoys will be leaving Reading each day on January 18, January 21, January 25, January 28 and February 1 departing at 9.30 a..m

The convoys will be travelling slowly through the borough on the B3043 Hursley Road/Bournemouth Road headed for Dock gate 20 in Southampton.

Last year the Twinning’s tea factory in Andover – which employs people from a wide area including Eastleigh – announced it would be shifting production of tea for British consumption to Poland with the loss of 286 jobs.

Last week Kraft, who recently took over Cadburys, said they were closing their Keynsham factory this month and would be relocating the 400 jobs lost also to Poland while last Wednesday 5000 unemployed people laid siege to Southampton Airport to fight over 100 temporary jobs carrying luggage.

To offset job losses in industry, Eastleigh’s MP Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, has vowed to create thousands of jobs in the ‘new green technologies of the future’ by retraining people to lag lofts.

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  3 comments for “UK jobs on farewell tour

  1. Andy Lombardi
    January 17, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    Ref: Chris Huhne’s intent to train people to ‘lag lofts’, does he have any ‘lagging in his loft’?

    I would have thought that the majority of the country’s homeowners and landlords would have availed themselves of the generous grants available over the years to lag their lofts?

    The opportunities for gainful employment in that area will be similar to LibDems upholding election promises.

    Sadly lacking!

    Mr Huhne, please find a younger leg to pull.

  2. Peter Stewart
    January 18, 2011 at 9:35 am

    Yet more British manufacturing jobs flushed down the EU pan by gluttonous globalists exploiting cheap labour. This would NOT have happened had we not been in the EU. It is insane! A handful of fat cats getting a whole lot richer while the British public get a whole lot poorer. The only question is WHY? Why do the British people let it happen? Whey do they continue to vote for the three main political parties, all of which support our continued annexation by the EU.

  3. Peter Stewart
    January 18, 2011 at 9:38 am

    p.s. For those who doubt the insanity of our EU annexation, take a look at the EU Common Fisheries Policy and how it requires HALF of all fish caught to be thrown back DEAD into the water! Remember that 80% of that fish is caught in BRITISH TERRITORIAL WATERS! It belongs to the BRITISH people! Yet the EU dictates that we destroy it. It is a crime against nature, far worse than the waste of fossil fuels to make plastic dustbin bags.!

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