Air Ambulance lands in Boyatt Wood

chopper Residents around the Lawn Road green in Boyatt Wood had an early Sunday morning awakening as the Hampshire Air Ambulance helicopter landed on the recreation ground situated between St Catherine’s Road at around 9.15 am. It had been scrambled in response to what was clearly a serious incident at a private address in nearby Ruskin Road which was attended by two ambulances and four police vehicles.

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Scene of emergency at Ruskin Road

Ruskin Road was impassable to traffic for over an hour and police on the scene would not divulge any details. A crowd gathered on the green to see the air ambulance take off at about 10.30. It is believed it did not have a casualty on board.

One onlooker said: “I made a charity donation to Hampshire Air Ambulance only last week and it’s a good to see it in use in my own neighbourhood” The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Trust is one of the charities being supported by the Mayor, John Caldwell this year.

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