Council tax to go up in Eastleigh

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Council has off-loaded costs on to parishes

Local taxes will go up for people living in Eastleigh.

Charges for a typical band D property in the borough will rise to an average of £193 in an inflation busting hike of 51% .

Although the council’s part of bill has been frozen by the government at £104.81 the addition of parish precepts and special expenses will push up totals by an average £65.

Last week Council Leader Keith House used the front pages of the Echo, Hampshire Chronicle and Eastleigh News Extra to claim average tax bills would be dropping by 77p – by omitting details of parish charges.

All the parishes have had their own budgets devolved to them – but these are exempt from government capping and the parish councils are free to charge whatever they like – resulting in the massive tax increases.

In Hamble the total Council tax payable has almost doubled with a rise 92%.

See how your local taxes will soar in table below:

CTax 2010 12

The only area where there has been no increase this year is non-parished Eastleigh town which had previously voted against having a parish council and therefore had its entire council tax burden frozen this year.

However in a shock move the council leader has announced that Eastleigh would have its own budget devolved to Local Area Committee, becoming a de facto parish council and liable to uncapped rises in the future – even though this is against the wishes of the residents.

Parish councils are dominated by councillors who also sit on the Liberal Democrat controlled Borough Council – Keith House himself sits on two Parish Councils – and that is where they agree to the rises.

In Keith House’s parishes of Hedge Town and Bursledon precepts have risen by 78% and 35% respectively.

One Eastleigh resident aged 54, who did not wish to be named, reacted angrily to the news

“In Eastleigh we also have to a parking tax on our cars. A family with two cars moving to a band D house here would have to pay a total of £277 in taxes but local taxes a band D house in Hiltingbury would only cost £150 – no matter how many cars you have”

Next year town centre residents will also have to pay a precept as a result of having parish status forced on us. We are going to see our local tax burden rocket 45% to £300 due to Keith House’s stealth taxes and the Echo will still have him on the front page telling us how he has pegged council tax to 1% below RPIX.”

Council taxes hits those on low incomes and elderly people on fixed incomes, it is an unfair tax”

In an email to Eastleigh News Labour councillor Brian Norgate said:

“I am shocked how the people of Eastleigh have been betrayed over ELAC becoming a parish.”

“Worse is to come next year with the changes and the EBC tax will go down but the parish town council rates will rise significantly”

Total tax 2011

Total 2011 council tax payable including Fire,Police & HCC - click to enlarge

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