Eastleigh dole queue doubles

Eastleigh’s dole queue doubled in size last month according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics.

New data shows that employment in the UK now stands at a record 2.5 million while in Eastleigh there are now 1359 people claiming JSA, twice the number there were at the height of the boom in December 2007.

In January there were just 262 vacancies posted in the jobcentre – compared to 741 in October and 28% of jobseekers in Eastleigh have now been unemployed for more than six months

Although the claimant and unemployment rate across the constituency as a whole is lower than the national and regional average, the statistics suggest the recession is hitting the traditional working class heartland of Eastleigh far harder than its suburbs.

In Eastleigh South ward 4.1% of the population are claiming JSA and 800 people, or 16.1% of the ward, are receiving Key out of work benefits.

Both figures are above the national average and make the ward the biggest employment black spot in the Borough despite the presence of the nearby airport – a major employer.

Eastleigh is also experiencing a higher level of unemployment than neighbouring towns.

In Fareham it is 1.7%, Romsey 1.5% and Winchester 1.3%

Councillor for Eastleigh South, Brian Norgate (Lab) told Eastleigh News:

“The Lib Dems inherited a town with quality jobs and brought poverty”.

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  2 comments for “Eastleigh dole queue doubles

  1. brian.norgate
    February 17, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    I have had concerns over this after many council meetings and committee reports and EBC’s failure over the Chickenhall link road development where up to 6,000 jobs were promised by EBC and people feel let down.

    Keith House refused to apologise over this and his quote that those who lost their jobs at Alstom could work at the Airport, worse is the 545 jobs lost at Alstom that have only been replaced by 100 at Knight Rail, no one would call that a success.

    EBC’s failure to negotiate with BAA and the other parties is the main reason why the link is not happening and this vital road development is no longer in the HCC top ten schemes of work.

    At EBC I have laid the blame where it belongs, at Keith House and his administration.

    A senior EBC officer said the Lib Dems were over optimistic and in failing to deliver this development has ruined the negotiations for years to come and I agree with that based on what I know.

    Keith House has brought poverty to the quality jobs he inherited in Eastleigh.

    Eastleigh has failed to move forward and the Lib Dems have no plans, now the Tory lead Coalition has cut their grants Eastleigh is so vulnerable.

    Keith House said he agreed with almost everything Eric Pickles said yet as a minister Eric pickles has picked on Eastleigh for savage cuts.

    The Labour Governments investment in Eastleigh has gone and Keith House wasted this opportunity whilst turning blind eye to anything other than his own Gold projects at Eastleigh.

    Where are the plans for growth in Eastleigh and for its people?
    That is the question we all should ask of Keith House.

    Keith, If you don’t have any plans then please go.

    You and your cabinet have been there for over ten years and are now reduced to self praise at the expense of the people of Eastleigh.

    • mm
      Eastleigh Xpress
      February 17, 2011 at 5:01 pm

      Would our Leader agree with Eric Pickles that council newspapers like ‘Eastleigh Borough News’ are ‘Town Hall Pravda’s’?

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