House sticks up for Wood

stoke park clearing
Rob Byrne, the Fair Oak resident who is on a mission to save Stoke Park Woods from falling into private ownership as a result of the governments proposed sell off of Forestry Commission land has received backing from the Leader of the Council, Keith House.

Previously Mr Byrne had heard from MP Chris Huhne who told him how important woodland was to local communities who should be given first option to buy.

Now Mr House has written to say he supports the idea of council management for the popular beauty spot.

In an email to Mr Byrne Keith House claims claims the media has distorted the issues surrounding the sell off and that public access safeguards will remain in place.

He goes on to add:

“My own view is that Stoke Park Woods would be better managed by the local council than by a government agency, with better local accountability.”

Reacting to Mr Houses comments Rob Byrne said:

“it would seem is very keen for EBC to take control of Stoke Park Wood, cost cuts in the local authority and the ongoing cost of maintenance don’t seem to be an issue. If this turns out to be the case and the management of the woods is to the same quality as the FC then this is good news.”

A recent article in the Guardian suggested a value for the woodland of between £350 -£750k
Photo: Peter Jordan