Pupils take part in Scrapheap Challenge

Winning team Mines Better Than Yours1 picnik

The winning team!

Eastleigh College apprentices and over 50 year 9 pupils from Quilley School took part in an exciting Scrapheap Challenge event held at Eastleigh College last week. Pupils were set the challenge of designing, planning and constructing a fully functioning product that will facilitate the transportation of an egg across a minimum distance of five meters. Pupils were put into teams and given a design specification to work to within a specified time allowance, along with many scrap materials including: cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, paper, string, cellotape, rubber bands, and many more items.

College staff were on hand to facilitate the event and offer advice and guidance to the pupils. Mike Driscoll, Deputy Head of the Technology Faculty at Eastleigh College, was pleased with how well received the event was and said:

“The project has encompassed a number of key themes including: teamwork, leadership, project management and time management as well as a number of research, planning and design based activities. Pupils have gained an understanding of the types of basic personal learning and thinking skills that are required for anyone wishing to become an Apprentice and work in Modern Industry.”

The winning team was called ‘Mine’s bigger than yours’, and team members received a prize of a 29 piece socket and bit set.

Christopher Banbury from the winning team, came up with the idea of building an aeroplane made from materials such as card, tape, polystyrene, said:

“I got the idea from a picture I saw, and then we just developed it as we went along. It’s been really fun and made us think about how you can use different materials to make anything!”

Eastleigh College have a range of Apprenticeships on offer, and many enthusiastic learners available to start work now! For further information call the ECTA team on 023 8091 1226 or email ecta@eastleigh.ac.uk