Eastleigh News launches weather station!

Eastleigh News has officially launched its own weather station. The station is sited at the home of Eastleigh News contributor and Photographer Matthew Myatt on Alexander Square, Twyford road (described by the Echo as ‘Notorious Alexander Square’).

The station supplies a constant data feed to the Weather Underground website and visitors to Eastleigh News can get a full 5 day forecast specific to the area simply by clicking on the weather sticker logo at the top right hand corner of the home page.

By following the link it’s possible to predict weather for any given hour in the coming week by clicking the extended tab.

Eastleigh News bozo Stephen Slominski explains:

“Weather Underground is a global network of data feeds from amateur and civic weather stations which are linked together to provide highly accurate forecasts which show a wealth of detail that beats both the BBC and Met office sites hands down.

Since Eastleigh News started forecasts have been based on a feed from Southampton Airport – which was used to accurately predict snowfall last winter – now we can get forecasts based on a feed from central Eastleigh.”

The Twyford Road station is now one of three in Eastleigh serving the Southampton area on Weather Underground – in addition to Twyford Road and Southampton Airport there is also a station in Valley Park.

It is possible to select which station you view forecasts from via the Weather Underground landing page.

By selecting the Twyford Road station you can check on the current situation in Eastleigh via a live web cam and hourly weather updates are available on Twitter by following Matthew_Myatt.

Matthew says his interest in Meteorology was first ignited while he was a cadet in the Air Training Corps over 30 years ago when he would spend many an evening dressed in a starchy blue serge battledress, collar and tie, poring over diagrams of cloud formations….

Photo.Matthew Myatt

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