More Lib Dems defect

Keith Day

Hedge End Wildern councillor Keith Day has called it a day on his Liberal Democrat membership and will  now sit as an independent on both  Eastleigh Borough Council and Hedge End Town Council.

He is joined by his hedge End town Council colleague Jenny Schwausch who has also decided she no longer ‘agrees with nick’ an will also sit as an independent.

Writing on his blog Cllr Day said

On 1st March, my colleague on Hedge End Town Council, Jenny Schwausch, and I acted on our increasing disappointment with the Liberal Democrats at a national level and left the party.   We will sit as independent councillors until the elections in May.  This means that there are now two independents on Hedge End Town Council and four on Eastleigh Borough Council

He Added

I wonder who is the “official” opposition now?

Cllr Day also said:

Nick Clegg is leading the party in the wrong direction for me, and when I look to the future I can only see it getting closer to the Conservatives.  For somebody who hoped the Lib Dems would bring about a realignment of the Left, that is clearly a disappointment.

It can’t be right to promise to vote against any rise in tuition fees and then vote to triple them.

There have now been  seven defections from Eastleigh Lib Dems in just over a year.

last February Joyce Sortwell crossed the floor to the conservatives – but subsequently lost her seat in the May elections and her husband defected to the Conservatives on West End Parish Council.

Glynn Davies-Dear, Andy Moore and Dave Broughton left the Lib Dems in January to form the Independent Party of Eastleigh Councillors.

At the time the Eastleigh  Lib Dems leader, Keith House, told BBC political correspondent Peter Henley:

“We’ve had a remarkably loyal team in Eastleigh over the years.”

Read Keith Day’s Blog:


Keith Day (2nd L) joins protestors and Lib Dems Chris Huhne MP, Keith House and Chris Thomas to petiton against cuts last week. But isn't this agreed Coalition policy?

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