Nuts on roundabout

Driving around the streets of Eastleigh Town is hard enough with heavy lorries and busses coming at you from every angle and with increased traffic levels the last thing drivers need is the additional problem of nuts being allowed on the road.

Well that’s just what drivers got today, thousands of them.!! At around 2.50pm a lorry carrying a consignment of 10mm steel nuts lost part of its load on the roundabout at Station Hill dropping the small nuts all over the carriageway and adjoining pavement casing motoring mayhem for drivers.

Traffic trying to join the roundabout quickly formed large tail backs on Twyford Road and Romsey Road as vehicles tried to avoid the spillage. A cyclist was dismounted after losing grip as a result of passing over the nuts and cars and buses slid around as if the road was made of ice.

Traffic formed large tailbacks on Twyford Road

Traffic formed large tailbacks on Twyford Road

A concerned onlooker called Hampshire Police to report the incident at 15.02pm and even local radio station Heart FM warned drivers of the problems at the busy junction via its traffic reports.

However, by 15.55pm no Police had arrived on scene to deal with the problem.

Mike Peters, 35 from Bishopstoke, was furious at the carnage after his VW Golf was struck on the widescreen by a flying nut kicked up by a passing lorry saying,

“I just had a new windscreen fitted last week and now I will have to get it repaired all over again.”

It is understood that Hampshire County Council Road Services later attended  to clear the carriageway of  debris after the rush hour period was over.

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