Ex Travel student has a flying start!

Layla Ploughman of Flybe

Layla Ploughman

Ex-Eastleigh College student, Layla Ploughman, has ensured her successful completion of the Travel and Tourism courses at the College has worked to her advantage, by landing herself a job with top airline, Flybeimp?type(inv)g(18877322)a(1781012).


After successfully passing the Level 2 and Level 3 Diplomas in Travel and Tourism at the College in 2009, Layla went on to undertake several jobs in the industry, gaining valued experience, before securing a position in March 2010 at Southampton Airport with Service Air. Layla’s hard work and dedication with Service Air paid off, as she recently applied for a role at Flybeimp?type(inv)g(18877322)a(1781012), along with another 80 applicants, and was one of two successful candidates who got the job earlier this month.

Layla is aware how cut-throat and competitive the travel industry is, after applying for a role with top airline, Virgin. Out of 10,000 applicants Layla was one of 200 that managed to get through to the rigorous interview stage for one of the few cabin crew roles. Unfortunately Layla didn’t get the position she had hoped for but the experience did make her realise how much she wanted to progress in the travel industry. A thrilled Layla explains:

“I tried Virgin but although I didn’t get the job I didn’t give up and went on to apply with both Ryan Air and Easy Jet before finally getting to where I am now. It really is a tough industry to work in, but working hard and getting as much experience as possible is so important to getting your foot in the door.”

Layla now works as a Customer Care Agent with Flybeimp?type(inv)g(18877322)a(1781012) at Southampton Airport, and is so far enjoying her new role. She adds:

“I get to deal with all sorts of queries and every day is different. I am learning so much which is helping to build my skills and experience. Out of 80 applicants I was one of two who got the position. I believe coming to Eastleigh College has helped me get this job as I have an increased knowledge of the industry through the courses I did here. I feel really lucky to have got this job.”


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