Newtown in petrol fire scare


Fire service assess situation while catching leaking fuel in a bucket

Police and the Hampshire fire and Rescue were called to Northlands Road this morning after concerned residents reported a strong smell of petrol.

The source of the pong was traced to a parked car which had a leaking petrol tank which had caused a pool of petrol to form in the gutter.

One local resident aged 54, who did not wish to be named, reacted angrily to the news saying:

“Given the hot weather and the proximity of multiple BBQ’s this afternoon there was a considerable risk the vehicle could have gone up in flames”

A fire engine with six fire fighters attended and made the vehicle safe by siphoning out the petrol tank, the Police had already put down absorbent material to neutralise the spill.

Neither the police nor the fire service seemed able to locate the owner and left a note on the windscreen advising the owner to petrol tank was in need of repair.

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