Just don't look down...

A new GoApe Tree Top Adventure has opened in Itchen Valley Country Park, and just in time for summer.

For those of you that don’t know what GoApe is, their own description of “Tree Top Adventure” does the job. It’s a day out where you walk through the trees at dizzying heights, wearing a harness at all times, and various obstacles lie between you and the safety of the ground.

Like many popular activities, this one is based on adrenaline. Despite the harness you can still connect to our species primitive origins of swinging through the trees, except, here if you fall, you can’t fall far.

Although sheer human presence encroaches on the wildlife, the park is very well set up to avoid affecting the local ecology, and as it is a park for recreation anyway, there is little noticeable disturbance. A representative from GoApe claimed the experts gave it the thumbs up to, from an “independent environmental impact survey”. Although there is still debate whether biodiversity will be affected.

However Go Ape does bring benefits: rent money to the park, fifteen new jobs and yet another place for a day out for us locals. You do have to be at least 10 years old to have a go, but according to Tristram from Go Ape, there is no maximum age limit.

10-17 year olds get 3 hours for £20

18+ and its £30 for 3 hours

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