Yobs riot in centre of Eastleigh

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Residents in central Eastleigh  were subjected to an orgy of vandalism last night as a gang of yobs described by one terrified resident as ‘completely out of control’ and by another as a ‘pack of animals’  ran around the streets and alleyways  shouting and screaming while upending wheelie bins and attacking parked cars.

A least 12 vehicles had their windscreens smashed last night causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

The yobs struck at around 1am and moved through Newtown and over the railway bridge into Boyatt Wood.

PCSOs were distributing leaflets today appealing for witnesses as residents cleared up the mess and windscreens were being replaced.

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One of the replacement specialists told Eastleigh News that he had personally replaced four smashed windscreens along Southampton Road last weekend.

A PCSO added that cars along Twyford Road had also been targeted a few weeks ago.

One victim , a pensioner  and a resident of Northlands Road –was close to tears as she described how the yobs had used bricks loosened from a wall to smash panes in her greenhouse a few weeks ago.

“Now they’ve smashed in my car windows. They’ve got to do something to stop this. It can’t go on”  she sobbed.

Another resident said:

‘I heard bangs and shouting outside at 1.am and switched the outside light on – when I looked out they had scarpered – I assumed they were just kicking bins over and strewing rubbish about as usual – which of course they are allowed to do – it’s no point calling the police for that.”

One Newtown resident aged 54,who did not wish to be named reacted angrily to the news.

“The council have just spent £680,000 on creating a youth club with a suite of computers and a state-of the-art recording studio. It was supposed to keep youngsters off the streets and give them something constructive to do but instead it is just a magnet for troublemakers who go off to cause mayhem in the town centre after they been refused entry or ejected.

Even the police have told us anti social behaviour has rocketed in the area since that placed opened – as we all said would.
If the newly elected Lib Dumb councillors are so keen to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour as they say they are – then they should close it.”

The Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward who may have seen or heard anything during this time, or otherwise have any information to offer that may be of assistance.

Anyone with information should ring 08445 045 45 45 or 101.


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