Cage birds stolen

finches picnik

Around 30 cage birds have been stolen from an aviary in central Eastleigh.

Thieves struck at an aviary belonging to a 63 year-old-man on Derby Road last Monday night June 20 and made off with a mixture of finches and canaries.

Last October bird thieves raided an aviary in Horton heath and stole 50 canaries

There has  been a string of aviary thefts in the South East over the past year and Kent Police recently told the Daily Telegraph they believed it was the work of criminal gangs stealing to order to supply ‘dubious’ pet shops at home and abroad.

Appealing for information PCSO Thomas Blyth asked that anyone who had been offered birds for sale or knew where they are, to contact him at Eastleigh Police station on 101 or to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Photo: G Schouten de Jel

Pilfering prowler pinches finches

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