Cops seize secret Huhne tape

Chris Huhne posing warily with a car last week in the knowledge that the shot will end up being used to illustrate another story about penalty points

Police investigating allegations that Eastleigh’s MP Chris Huhne pressurised his former wife into taking driving penalty points on his behalf in 2003 have won a court order to obtain a secret tape recording and signed statement from The Sunday Times which is said to implicate the Energy Secretary.

The Sunday Times has reported that at a private hearing last week a judge ordered the evidence to be given to the police.

According to the broadsheet the tape recording is of a conversation between Vicky Pryce and Mr Huhne in which she tells the MP she fears a police investigation saying:

“It’s one of the things that worried me when I took them – when you made me take the points in the first place”

It’s understood that when the estranged couple were interviewed separately the police Ms Pryce did not repeat the allegations she had previously made to The Sunday Times and Mr Huhne chose to remain silent – although he has strenuously denied any wrong doing publically.

The Sunday Times say they are considering whether to appeal against the order.

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