Huhne phone tape now in Police hands

"Aggghhh! Not her again!...You answer it this time Joel"

The Sunday Times has confirmed it has now handed the Police a secret tape recording of a telephone conversation between Eastleigh’s MP Chris Huhne and his estranged wife Vicky Pryce in which he can be heard discussing claims concerning his driving record.

The Sunday Times had been ordered to hand over the tape to police investigating the allegation that Mr Huhne had persuaded Ms Pryce to take speeding points on his behalf but the Times said it would appeal but, claims the Evening Standard, a lawyer has told the paper they have no grounds to appeal the order.

The Sunday times claims Mr Huhne can be heard warning Ms Pryce not to give the story ‘legs’ by discussing it with the press however he can also be heard denying the allegations.

Photo: Crown copyright

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