Test Cricket comes to Rose Bowl

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The Borough of Eastleigh is set to stage an historic ‘first ever’ south coast Test Match when England entertains Sri Lanka at the Rose Bowl starting today.

The Rose Bowl, which is situated at West End in the heart of the borough, is set to welcome tens of thousands of cricket fans over five days of the final test in the three match series.

Hampshire chairman Rod Bransgrove said:

“This is a truly historic day for The Rose Bowl and Hampshire Cricket. Staff, players, members, supporters, commercial partners, in fact anyone with an association with this fantastic ground can feel a huge sense of pride in what has been achieved. This is the culmination of an enormous amount of hard work and dedication and yes, it is the fulfillment of a personal dream. It is important that this is not seen as ‘mission accomplished’ though, as we fully intend to be a permanent fixture on the Test-match calendar from 2011 onwards.”

The Council has revised and will be monitoring the plans for temporary coning of residential areas and traffic management arrangements over all five days of the match. Its Streetscene staff will be undertaking additional local patrols as will parking patrol officers and the police will be stepping up their patrolling plans.

The Test Match is an important first for the stadium in building an international profile.

Council leader Keith House claimed it would provide a ‘Major boost to the local economy’ however in April Glen Delve – the rose Bowl MD – warned the council that unless more money was spent on developing facilities then the stadium might not be awarded further tests matches.

A controversial plan to develop a luxury Hotel and golf course at the site – which would involve the council lending the project £35 million and agreeing to the felling of trees -is still under negotiation

For more details about the Test Match at  the Rose Bowl click here

  4 comments for “Test Cricket comes to Rose Bowl

  1. maureen
    June 16, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    I thought the hotel thing was dead, now I read that it isn’t. What negotiations? And why is a local businessman “warning” the Council? How does that work?

  2. Peter Stewart
    June 21, 2011 at 6:42 am

    Can any of your readers tell me if the Rose Bowl is in Eastleigh or Southampton?

  3. Brian Norgate
    June 21, 2011 at 10:40 am

    The Rosebowl is obviously in West End and therfore in Eastleigh Borough. We supported the planning in princilple and we had no problems with buildings, I did attend the Resources meeting in early 2010 which this was discussed as an exempt item, because of this i asked for clarification what was exempt about the meetings held under exempt rules.

    Too much business at EBC was held under the exempt rules when clearly only certain information was exempt, this denied the people
    of Eastleigh to know what their council was doing with the rate payers money. The Allotment holders suffered detriment because
    of these exempt rules.

    I asked many questions over the Rosebowl at full council and a timeline of events will show responses given by Keith House.

    The Labour party took advice from a senior director working in the hotel industry who was responsible for over 300 hotels in England and Europe, The written advice we were given says
    if the deal mirrored or was close to the Allied Irish bank deal it was “worth a punt”.

    Remembering it is reported the alied Irish bank had seen the accounts from the Rosebowl
    and they seemed to think there was insufficient
    income, this is reported by the independant group of hoteliers and given to all then Eastleigh Councillors mirroring this but sadly
    the report appears to be confidential even though a representation was given to the full council.

    We informed our advisor of the first two deals negotiated by EBC which was reported could have potentially breached European
    competition rules were discussed at the Resources meeting, Our advisor quoted to be aware of any discounted rates or any side deals and breaks in the contract., if the deal did not reach a good return for the people of Eastleigh our advise was to vote against the deal on financial terms.

    One of the questions i asked was in the Rosebowl report to full council it states a couple of times its for the Councillors to make the decision, I asked if this meant the Officers did not support the deal and what implications this would have.

    Peter Luffman and I were unhappy with the response so had to vote against it in the recorded vote.

    There are people in Eastleigh who are unhappy
    at the subsidy at The Point, which we never
    supported in our Labour budget. but in a larger
    sense we have always tried to have a view across what EBC subsidises.

    I hope EBC can get a good deal from the Rosebowl and the buildings do go ahead but i would say to the current Councillors look at the deal very closely before voting for it, if it goes wrong they will be potentailly liable for the losses.

  4. Peter Stewart
    June 23, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    Brian asserts that the Rose Bowl is “obviously” in Eastleigh. Not so says I!

    If you Google “Rose Bowl”, particularly the “Find Us” page, you get the following address:

    “The Rose Bowl, Botley Road, West End, Southampton, Hampshire SO30 3XH”

    If you Wiki “Rose Bowl” you get the following:

    “The Rose Bowl … is situated at West End, Hampshire, near Southampton, and is home to Hampshire Cricket.”

    Quite clearly Eastleigh is NOT getting the credit for the Rose Bowl! I would suggest EBC rectifies this. It always annoys me how Southampton steals Eastleigh’s thunder.

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