UKIP add support for threatened Laburnum

Hedge End Laburnum tree

Eastleigh UKippers say 'Thou shalt be saved!'

The Laburnum tree in Hedge End which is the centre of a local political storm has found itself new allies in Eastleigh’s UKIP branch, who are currently distributing 7,000 leaflets throughout Hedge End in support of the tree in which UKIP warn the Hedge End Town council ‘Leave this Laburnum alone!”

Users of a local playgroup want the council to fell the tree because they claim its seed pods, which contain toxins, threatens the safety of their children. However campaigners led by the local Women’s Institute – who originally planted it – have won a temporary tree preservation order.

The text of the UKIP leaflet is as follows:

“Come springtime in Hedge End there is no more beautiful sight than the old Laburnum growing by the village hall. This commemorative tree planted in 1959 well deserves its name “Golden Rain” form the masses of brilliant yellow flowers which hang from its branches each year and do so much to brighten our lives. Like many things in life which are free and which bring enjoyment to so many people, its value cannot be measured until it is gone forever.

Now Hedge End Councillors want to cut it down because of “health and safety”! Suddenly (after 52 years) it seems the tress is “poisonous” and “dangerous” (to children)! Yet there are no records of anyone in Britain having dies or suffered serious poisoning from Laburnum seeds. UKIP says once again we are witnessing a hysterical knee jerk reaction by local politicians caught up in a climate of “health and safety”.

A UKIP spokesman told Eastleigh news that the Party wanted to show that it could campaign on local issues. Several seats on Hedge town council went uncontested last May while in Cambridgeshire UKIP won control of its first town council.

The UKIP spokesman told Eastleigh News that the fears surrounding the laburnum tree was typical of “Health and Safety nonsense fostered by EU nanny-state regulations”

Michale O’Donoghue who stood for UKIP last May in Hedge End St Johns – but lost out to Lib Dem war hero Mick Wheatley – warned the Council not to proceed with the felling of the beautiful old Laburnum tree.

“While distributing the leaflet in Hedge End, our activists got a very positive and encouraging response from householders.”


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  1. Peter Stewart
    June 14, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    The LibDems have handed us in UKIP a vote winning issue on a plate. Why should we not take it? Especially as so many of us in UKIP are tree lovers. I myself have had a special interest in trees since 1979 and have been an active visitor to the Hillier (Arboretum) since 1984. I wonder how many of the Hedge End Borough Councillors have the full set of Bean’s “Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles”, or Bailey’s “Manual of Cultivated Plants” or Dallimore’s “Handbook of Coniferae”. I do and many more besides, including various manuals of botany and phytochemistry! The thought of felling a large Laburnum because it is “poisonous” is absolutely daft, not only because intoxication by Laburnum is so very rare, and mild when it occurs, but also because public opinion is so very much in UKIP’s favour on this issue. I reiterate: Laburnum is tame compared to bottled bleach which poisons far more children each year than Laburnum has ever done over the centuries.

  2. Jerry Hall
    June 15, 2011 at 9:22 am

    This is Health and Safety gone raving mad! I went to see the Town Clerk before the local elections to ask how to save the tree and he told me that no one knows who owns the land. The seems to be a desire to wrap us all in cotton wool these days!

    I was asked not to walk under a “Conker” tree at Longleat Park last year in case I was injured by falling fruit. A couple of years ago I took my daughters to an ice rink, in the centre was a sign that read..DANGER SLIPERY SURFACE. The tree must be saved, the vote that counts is the vote for common sence!

  3. Graham Hunter
    June 15, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    Seems the Lib Dems dont like trees. Not long a go they cut down mature tress at the Fryern Arcade in Chandler’s Ford, for no good reason.
    Only when pressured by local campaigners were new sapplings replanted.

    The Lib Dems ‘Say’ they are ‘Tackling Climate Change’… On my nelly are they. This Tree is doing its bit in Hedge End converting Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen, at a rate a Lib Dem could never achieve.
    Seems cutting it down IS ‘Tackling Climate Change’…. making it worse!

    I guess the Local Lib Dems in Hedge End & Eastleigh will add a Chain Saw to their logo soon!

    By the way, Acorns, Rhubarb Leaves and Poinsettia Leaves (That lovely bright Red & Green Plant Children give their Mum’s at Xmas) are also among potentially poisonus plants…. if you are daft enough to eat them, but I don’t recall queues of youngsters at A&E to have their stomachs pumped!

    But I guess the Lib Dems and the looney ‘Elf & Safety’ Brigade will ban them.!

  4. June 15, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    This evening Hedge End Town Council supported my motion urging the parties involved to find a solution to the pre-school’s desire to provide outside access which does not involve felling the tree. In fact they went further and the Town Council will arbitrate. Have to wait and see what the outcome is, but the principle has been established that Lily should be preserved.

  5. Graham Hunter
    June 16, 2011 at 8:47 am

    I hope this is good news from Keith, and that common sense prevails and this lovely healthy mature tree is preserved. Begs the question why we have Tree Preservation Orders, if they are recklessly ignored.

  6. Peter Stewart
    June 18, 2011 at 9:16 am

    Keith, I am a Chairman with vision. I realize (and am willing to say so here) you have obviously done a great deal re this Laburnum. Indeed the minutes duly record it was your motion presented at the meeting on the 15th.

    Nevertheless it is interesting to speculate how different things might have been had UKIP been allowed to campaign a few weeks longer. No doubt you and others have speculated thus.

    Despite what happened at the meeting, which ostensibly deprives UKIP of any “glory” over saving the Laburnum, as I see there is nothing which can undo our success here. This has given UKIP its first political success which will be a springboard for other activity.

    As I see it, UKIP can now offer itself as a real alternative for disgruntled Conservative voters who are truly appalled by the ever closer political union (coalition) between their leaders and those of their mortal enemies.

    As an aside, and not being familiar with the ins and outs of council meetings etc, I am puzzled by the agenda for this meeting (or perhaps I should say the absence of any agenda on any notice board in Hedge End or indeed on the internet! As Sherlock Holmes might have said, “Watson, hand me down the volume marked ‘A’ for Agenda”!

  7. June 19, 2011 at 10:01 am

    Peter, It is good for democracy that a party other than the Lib Dems is showing its face in Hedge End between elections. I’m sure if your members were to come along to town council meetings they would find plenty more material to campaign on.

    The fact is, though, that in order to get the motion on the agenda I had to submit it to the clerk on 8th June and I was not even aware of your campaign until the following weekend, so depriving you guys of any glory did not really enter into it.

    Let’s not forget the role of Hedge End WI in this. They took the initiative of applying for the TPO. I understand they will have to take more of a back seat now that the issue is becoming party political as they have to be politically neutral.

    On the subject of the agenda publicity before the meeting, this was raised by a member of the public and the reply from the town clerk was that it was cockup rather than conspiracy.

  8. June 22, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    I think Peters comment

    …..UKIP can now offer itself as a real alternative for disgruntled Conservative voters who are truly appalled by the ever closer political union (coalition) between their leaders and those of their mortal enemies….

    is a very good example of what I think is wrong with modern politics.

    Politicians simply have to stop thinking and speaking in terms of “mortal enemies”.

    By all means accept that there will be differences of opinion and try to find an acceptable compromise, but to refer to other politicians as “mortal enemies” is immature…

    That’s why I think the coalition Government is good. Opposing parties have been forced to come together and work together, despite their obvious differences. We’ve had better law implemented as consequence, witness the recent changes to the NHS bill. The original bill would have just been steam-rollered through Parliament if the Tories had any sort of a majority, but by having to work with the Lib Dems they were forced to listen and make changes…!

  9. June 27, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    All of which makes not one iota of difference to our parliamentary Mps, they have become toothless tigers in the face of the NEW LAW the EU. I think most people are more than aware now of just how weak our MPs have become . Like the rest of us they are obliged to obey orders from Brussels, so Cameron and Cleggy are nothing more than puppets who must dance to the tune of those who now crack the whip. Thankfully the people are waking up to what UKIP has been telling them for years we have been robbed! slowly and stealthily for too long.Now the purse is empty and we have a coalition government each trying to pass the buck for the great unrest and discontent of a nation which is saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IT STOPS NOW .I think there will be much more unrest until democracy and decency are handed back to those who pay the inflated salaries of those who were elected to serve .

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