Crunk Juce Crazies beat up Eastleigh man


Half empty can discarded by yobs showing batch number

A gang of yobs high on ‘Crunk Juce’ turned on an Eastleigh resident who asked them to move off his property and then beat him up.

The group of up to seven underage teeny yobs – both male and female – had been guzzling cans of  the new alco-pop drink ‘Crunk Juce’ while loitering in Newtown’s alleyways on Friday afternoon.

Crunk (said to be a portmanteau of the words crazy and drunk) Juce is a drink imported from America and is a potent mixture of super-strength malt liquor and caffeine, which according to Hampshire Police, has been sending kids fighting mad – despite costing a whopping £6 a can.

The 55 year old Newtown Road victim – an area covered by the town centre public drinking order – was attempting to garage his car when he discovered the entrance was blocked by the drunken children.

When he got out of his car to ask them to move on he was beaten and kicked suffering cuts and bruises to his face and arms and bruised ribs from being kicked while on the ground.

A neighbour who witnessed the assault ran to his assistance but was quickly surrounded by the drink crazed youngsters shouting threats and vile abuse forcing him to pick a stick to defend himself and the injured man from attack while his Mother –who recently was one of 12 local residents who had their windscreens smashed by a 14-year-old – called for help.

The cowardly kiddy-thugs soon made off when they saw other neighbours arriving on the scene

Police responding to the emergency call had to first sort ANOTHER separate and unrelated incident of hooliganism which had coincidently erupted outside Eastleigh Health Centre in Newtown Road when a group of teenage girls became involved in an altercation with a passing motorist after they had apparently forced her to stop.

Eastleigh News visited all the off licence premises in Eastleigh Town Centre to ascertain just how widely available cans of the super strong  ‘Crunk Juce’ – which carry ‘ID required’ warning labels –  are locally and discovered  they are only stocked by the Premier  convenience stores on Twyford Road and Derby Road and the Scotter Road off – licence in Bishopstoke.

get your crunk juce here

Cans of Crunk Juce are kept behind the counter here.

According to the Crunk Juce website – Newsmarkit on the High Street and the Spar store on Hursley Road, Chandlers Ford are official stockists.

It is understood that youths have been questioned by Police in connection with this incident and an investigation is ongoing.

One local resident who witnessed the incident – but did not wish to be named said:

“This was a terrifying incident for decent people to be subjected to, my neighbour, a legal secretary witnessed the attack on her way home from work.  She had been beaten up herself, along with her partner, 18 months ago by a gang of male and female teens in Newtown Road and was quite tearful.

“Other neighbours watching had their car windows smashed in a few weeks back.

“ I heard a policeman describe the incident as ‘a minor assault’ but the gang were like a bunch of snarling dogs and I heard one lad threaten to ‘f***ing kill’ my neighbour  – if other neighbours had not intervened this could have been a very serious assault.

“I was puzzled by a policeman who told me that Newtown was not covered by the Town Centre DPPO while street signs clearly show that it is.

“I hope the Police will press charges and fully investigate how these kids came by this drink”

A complaint about ‘Crunk Juce’ has been sent to the Portman group who manage the ‘Drinkaware’ scheme and code of practice.

A spokesman for Crunk UK Ltd said in a statement:

“It just seems that the police are looking for something to blame. If it wasn’t Crunk, it would be another drink like vodka or whisky.

“Trading standards came in a while back and said they would be in touch if there was any problems with the product, and the only problem they identified was the labelling which we have now dealt with, and we have Drinkaware labels on the product.

“If the product was withdrawn from the market, people would just buy our energy drinks and mix it with spirits.”

Crunk Juce offical site

  6 comments for “Crunk Juce Crazies beat up Eastleigh man

  1. mm
    Eastleigh Xpress
    July 25, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    I think the main issue here is not the drink itself but HOW did these Kids get hold of the stuff.

  2. Matthew Myatt
    July 25, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    Very odd how the shop in Twyford Road can sell this to children and adults as they do not appear to have a licence to sell alcohol. No sign over the door saying who the licensee is.??

    Prehaps this should be investigated as well.!!

    • mm
      Eastleigh Xpress
      July 25, 2011 at 1:24 pm

      Not saying this shop was the one that sold the can – but it does seem to be the only shop in Eastleigh that stocks that particular flavour.

      Of course an irresponsible adult might have have bought it for them…or they might have got it from outside the area, anyway hopefully the matter will be looked into, it is a matter of concern.

  3. July 25, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    That’s more than an hours wages per can (on Nat Min wage) and about the same cost as a gallon of petrol…!

    These kids (or the adults buying it for them) seem to have more money than sense…

    • mm
      Eastleigh Xpress
      July 25, 2011 at 9:49 pm

      Well they would have chipped in Ray…we picked up four empty cans of Carlsberg (normal stuff not the export or special brew) and one Crunk Juce pint tin at the scene.

      I can’t understand the economics either.

      You can get a three litre bottle of frosty jack for £2.99 – so that’s 6 litres of 7% cider for the same price as a 12% can of Crunk Juce – mix the frosty jack with the carlsberg to make ‘snakebite’ and it’s enough to send anyone berserk and ready to start throwing punches at anyone who looks at them funny.

      Really these kids should not be drinking anything stronger than shandy…they simply can’t take it.

      We are talking 14 – 15 year-olds here.. but crunk juce comes in fruit pop flavours and are more palatable for youngsters – the caffeine shot gives them an extra buzz too.

  4. Peter Stewart
    July 27, 2011 at 8:01 pm

    Until the law is changed and punishments are INCREASED to fit the severity of the crime, right from MURDER down to thuggery, this problem will get worse as the years go on.

    Let’s be brutally honest. If you can murder someone in cold blood and get away with maybe 8 years inside, what sort of respect for punishment does that create? Answer: NONE!

    The rot works its way all the way down. It devalues punishment right the way down to most petty of offences. No wonder the prisons are overflowing.

    With thugs like this, an Army borstal would be the answer. I come from an Army family and I can think of a few guys who would enjoy the “corrective” work! Those cowardly thugs would NOT repeat offend!

    But of course, under the EU human rights legislation, we would be powerless to implement the necessary changes.

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