New Crime website goes live

crime reports

Hampshire Police have launched a local crime report website today which uses brand new Crimemapping technology to help neighbourhoods across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight work more closely together to build safer communities.

Go to, enter your postcode and you can:

  • See crime/incidents in your area on a map
  • If you live in a neighbourhood watch area, request to join online
  • Sign up to email updates and crime alerts
  • Submit an anonymous tip to Crimestoppers
  • See when your next neighbourhood meeting is taking place
  • Contact your local police officers or partner agencies

CrimeReports is a partnership project between Hampshire Constabulary, Hampshire County Council, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, the Probation Service and all District and Unitary Councils across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Using information collated from these partner organisations, the website features up-to-date, more frequent and detailed data to the public about crime, incidents and anti-social behaviour, as well as important information about how incidents are being tackled by partners at a local level.

CrimeReports also enables the public to engage and work alongside their local police officers, Police Community Support Officers, Accredited Community Safety Officers and fire officers to help make their neighbourhoods safer.

Hampshire Constabulary’s Assistant Chief Constable Laura Nicholson said:

“While Hampshire and the Isle of Wight continue to be some of safest places to live in the UK with relatively low levels of crime and disorder, this new website is a great way for residents across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to get the full picture of what is happening in their local area. The system also includes what the police and partners are doing to improve safety in the local community.

“Members of the public can sign up to CrimeReports and receive crime and incident updates by email daily, weekly or monthly so they can continually be aware of what is happening in around where they live and work.”


Laura Nicholson

Listen to interview with ACC Nicholson on the subject of Crime reports