No more kipping in the kebab shop

Istanbul grill,Eastleigh

Eastleigh's popular kebab shop next to the boarded up sandwich bar on Market street.

An Eastleigh businessman has been fined for allowing people to kip in his kebab shop

It is not known if this was in response to the housing crises in Eastleigh where the continuing credit crunch has seen demand for rented accommodation and rents soar but  shop owner, Iskender Anik, appeared at Southampton Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 1 September 2011, where he pleaded guilty to breaching a Prohibition Order that prevented sleeping at Istanbul Grill, Eastleigh, along with four other offences against the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Mr Anik was fined £3,300 for breaching the Prohibition Order and £2,100 for each of the remaining offences. The Prohibition Order was served by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service in December 2009 following inspections of the premises by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, during which a number of serious fire safety hazards had been identified.

Area Manager Mick Crennell of Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said:

“We will continue to protect our communities through a robust risk management process that identifies the areas of highest risk and takes necessary steps to ensure their continued safety. Prohibition Orders are only issued in the most severe circumstances, to prevent a risk of death or serious injury in the event of a fire, breaching these Orders can have very serious consequences. Working in partnership with local authorities, we will continue to use the Service’s powers where necessary in order to improve the standards of safety throughout the county.”

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