Wall of misfortune

wall of misfortune

Young pranksters in Eastleigh got more than they bargained for last weekend when they embarked on their weekly ritual of cheeky vandalism.

The drunken youngsters, who usually mark their late night passage through Newtown to Boyatt Wood by good-naturedly overturning wheelie bins, snapping off wing mirrors or smashing in windscreens, decided to rip out estate agent ‘for sale’ signs instead – however when one youngster tugged on a sign he discovered he had pulled away the garden wall it was attached to as well!

The wall is part of a house on Newtown Road that is just a few doors away from the home of a man who was beaten up by passing yobs last month.

Recently a 14 year old was arrested after 12 windscreens were smashed in Newtown causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

Surveying the aftermath, one local resident (54) chuckled:

“Those pesky youngsters – what will they get up to next? At least they didn’t hurt themselves!


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